2·01 Gunboat Diplomacy ⠀ (Mind the Baby: Part 2) - So Farscape!

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2·01 Gunboat Diplomacy ⠀ (Mind the Baby: Part 2)

Farscape 2·01: Mind the Baby: Part 2

A game of rock-paper-scissors becomes a game of Deal Or No Deal, when lives depend on a devil's bargain: the enemy of my frenemy might just be my end...

First aired on Friday, 17 March 2000, written by Richard Manning, and directed by Andrew Prowse

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A fun-filled Farscape fancast in which a longtime fan introduces his bestie to the marvel that is Farscape, seen through fresh eyes and discussed with insight, wit, and love!

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Best friends for decades, Khaki and Kay are passionate nerds. Kay is a veteran of the Kerbal Space Program, while Khaki is a student of sci-fi TV obscura, and a keeper of the Deep Lore.