3·06 Hungry Hungry Hippies ⠀ (Eat Me) - So Farscape!

Episode 6

3·06 Hungry Hungry Hippies ⠀ (Eat Me)

"Farscape 3·06: Eat Me

After Jool damages the transport pod, she, John, D'Argo and Chiana are forced to land on a damaged Leviathan. As they scrounge the ailing ship for parts, they discover it's not so abandoned as it initially appeared. Meanwhile, an unexpected starburst by Moya brings Aeryn and the remaining crew to a horribly wounded Talyn and Crais.

First aired on Friday, 20 April 2001, written by Matt Ford, and directed by Ian Watson"

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A fun-filled Farscape fancast in which a longtime fan introduces his bestie to the marvel that is Farscape, seen through fresh eyes and discussed with insight, wit, and love!

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