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Episode 11

3·11 Truth is Never Crap ⠀ (Incubator)

"Farscape 3·11: Incubator

The quest for wormhole technology leads Scorpius to reveal his horrific past to Crichton.

“If you can't get real Crichton, homemade is fine. Find out how many ways you can make a human smoothie on this episode of Muppet Babies!” (thanks Horseburd!)

“(Sung like the Beverly Hillbillies theme)Come and listen to my story about our favourite domme villain. Can he convince our leading human to side with him? A Sebacean and a Scarran quite an interesting mix. Our villain figuring out wormhole tech was in quite a fix. Will revenge be a dish served cold by the end of the day, or will our villain be frustrated in dismay. Coolant rods that is, hybrid mix.” (thanks Brian I!)

“To trust Scorpius or Not. THAT is the question. (Yes, trust him. He is absolutely correct about things. WINK)” (thanks The Derp Prime!)

“A neural chip gets a history lesson and finds out why someone made a "sweet move" to join the army and get their pet project paid for! Dreams of deep space exploration could be made a reality by a strange visitor, but they could also melt away before they're realised. ” (thanks Lucy!)

“An orphan shares the harrowing details of his tortured childhood at the hands of his wicked stepmother. But his audience remains unsympathetic to his plight, which really burns up his second-in-command. It's a hard knock life!” (thanks Jenna!)

“Get ready for a villain to not be as bad as you think he is. We learn of Scorpious' backstory of how he became the Peacekeeper he is. Will John give in and help? We shall see. ” (thanks Billy Roberts!)

First aired on Friday, 13 July 2001, written by Richard Manning, and directed by Ian Watson"

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