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Episode 15

3·15 Never Felt Better ⠀ (Icarus Abides: Infinite Possibilities, Part 2)

Farscape 3·15: Icarus Abides: Infinite Possibilities, Part 2

John is left to try to destroy the Scarran dreadnought, but after some back-stabbing, more tragedy occurs...

“Don't worry about me. I've never felt better.” (thanks Jenna!)

“… OH… oh no…” (thanks The Derp Prime!)

“Chernobyl. ” (thanks MatthewB!)

“Furlow asks the truly important questions in life in the series' most Mad Max episode yet. John does the impossible feat of rendering Stark speechless, but at what cost... You didn't think they named the season just on the basis of the first few episodes, did you?” (thanks Horseburd!)

First aired on Friday, 3 August 2001, written by Carleton Eastlake, and directed by Ian Watson

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