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Episode 17

3·17 Loved Ones Leave You In Pieces ⠀ (The Choice)

Farscape 3·17: The Choice

Aeryn goes on a voyage of emotional discovery following John's death...

  • “Here on the Emo planet, characters return, or do they? Characters who weren't characters before return, or do they? In this pseudo clipshow, an intervention goes bad, assassinations are hard, and Aeryn is bidden to ""start the reactor"".” (thanks MatthewB!)
  • “Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend Crichton. Yes he's dead. Ok he's my dead ghost boyfriend. You hate him. You've hated everyone I've dated. That's it I'm running away. ” (thanks Blackrain !)
  • “An acting masterclass from Claudia Black gives us ghostly flashbacks and echos of previous seasons with a reenactment of a choice for added angst” (thanks Lucy !)
  • “A manic Banic and a surprisingly reasonable slug attempt to get a mourning friend back aboard the ship but chaos ensues as a few unexpected visitors arrive with another slug in a backpack.” (thanks GoingMetal799!)
  • “If you're feeling the pain of losing a loved one, there's nothing quite like family - they're basically the worst. (This is Farscape, we can't have nice things.)” (thanks Horseburd!)

First aired on Friday, 17 August 2001, written by Justin Monjo, and directed by Rowan Woods

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