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Episode 18

3·18 "Hello, John." ⠀ (Fractures)

Farscape 3·18: Fractures

A group of escaped prisoners come aboard Moya followed shortly by Aeryn, Crais and Rygel who have finally returned from Talyn.

  • “Someone makes a very close friend, what does this episode have to offer? Puppet sex, kidnapping, murder and a stupidly dangerous plan that takes them into the lion's den.” (thanks GoingMetal799!)
  • “It's reunion time, and our crew(s) are making some new friends, but of course things don't go smoothly. Pick a shirt that suits you and growl like a Luxan as we uncover a traitor!” (thanks Nazzy!)
  • “Not the reunion anyone expected, but at least someone gets lucky during a game of 'who done it' well until they get dumped ...then kidnapped.” (thanks Lucy!)
  • “The crew plays a high-stakes game of Werewolf when parallel versions of themselves arrive unexpectantly. There's azure androgeny, froggy fragrance, and slapstick surgery. Old habits Die Hard and someone manages to Roshambo themself. Thrillingly, The Thing makes an appearance to invite us all to a Naked Lunch. ” (thanks Jon Bunger!)
  • “The crew has guests, but it's not long before someone starts killing them off in a real life interstellar game of cluedo, maybe a game of operation might help diffuse diffuse situation? Someone calls the fuzz and not everyone has the ""pleasure"" they were expecting to when a mother and son are reunited (thanks Marky See!)

First aired on Friday, 24 August 2001, written by Rockne S. O'Bannon, and directed by Tony Tilse"

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