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Episode 22

3·22 Who is that woman? ⠀ (Dog With Two Bones: Part 1)

"Farscape 3·22: Dog With Two Bones: Part 1

The crew attempt to pay their respects, while Crichton has visions of what could be, which lead him to a pivotal choice...

  • “Someone gets distracted by their fantasies. An old woman appears aboard the ship and everyone questions who she is. She sneezes magical fairy dust and is seemingly great at cooking. In the meantime there is a game of bumper ships occurring.” (thanks GoingMetal799!)
  • “The crew make plans to go their separate ways, but before they can they must attend a funeral where an unwanted guest is making a scene, meanwhile John's imagination runs wild...hey is the old woman with you?” (thanks Marky See!)
  • “A wedding and a funeral, but which one is real? Crichton struggles to reconcile two dreams, and a mysterious old woman offers better living through chemistry. ” (thanks Nazzy!)
  • “Well ep 3:01 was called Season of Death and you can count on one hand how many main characters didn't die or start off dead this season. Wedding bells are ringing...or are they? Who is that old woman? And another perfect suggestion from Claudia Black when things get left to fate.” (thanks Lucy !)
  • “A wedding, a funeral, a coin flip, a farewell, a wormhole - and who the frell is the old woman?” (thanks the Mezzanine!)
  • “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Come to the Leviathan burial grounds! Two Leviathan enter, only one will leave. It’s the Grudge Match of the quadrant. Will the mystery masked Leviathan reign supreme or will Mama Moya bring the hurt to him for dising her son Talyn. Only one way to find out, this Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! ” (thanks Blackrain (Bryan Love)!)
  • “Who's that woman with the dream powder? Lies are nice, but the truth is louder, A burial place, The Sacred Space, "Listen Wrinkles, stick to the chowder!"" (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)

First aired on Thursday, 31 January 2002, written by David Kemper, and directed by Andrew Prowse"

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